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Vida Divina is a company that manufactures and distributes all natural and Organic health, wellness and beauty products.  We love the products that we have tried so far. We will be sharing our personal experience with you about how they have worked for us and others.

Please visit often to enjoy our journey with us and to become familiar with all the wonderful products that Vida Divina has to offer.

Vida Divina Available Products

The products that have been released so far are catching some buzz in the health and wellness industry. Many success stories are are happening daily.  Many more will continue to occur. Here are a few of the amazing products that are currently available:

Vida Divina Te Divina Detox TeaTe Divina is an herbal detox tea that contains 100% certified organic ingredients. These ingredients cause your body to get rid of parasites that accumulate over time. Many people have also reported weight loss while using the tea.  Other benefits reported include:

  1. Mental Clarity
  2. More frequent bowel movements
  3. Increased Energy
  4. May lower blood pressure
  5. May suppress appetite.

1 pack makes one gallon that lasts up to 7 days.



Life Capsules Weight supportLife Capsules are for formulated to aid you on your weight loss journey.  The benefits include:

  1. Helps burn fat
  2. Reduces the feeling of hunger
  3. Increases Energy and Vitality
  4. Decrease Appetite